24 hour read-a-thon? Oh yes!

So, I was trolling on Twitter a couple days ago when I stumbled on a tweet from Jen over at The Relentless Reader, about a 24 hour read-a-thon. I had actually not heard of this event before, and was super excited by the idea. An excuse to read and blog for the majority of my day? Sign me up, please!

So I’m not totally sure how all of it will work, and I know that I can’t devote the full 24 hours to it. But I would LOVE to devote at least 8-10 hours to it, minimally. And, I’ve set some little mini-goals for myself. Read at least 500-750 pages. And read two books, start to finish, at the least. Are you going to participate? Do you have any goals that you are setting for yourself? I am going to compile my booklist tonight. Hopefully I’ll have it to post tomorrow.

To get signed up, simply hop on over to Dewey’s 24 hour read-a-thon. I hope to see you there!


4 thoughts on “24 hour read-a-thon? Oh yes!

  1. This will be my first time participating in the readathon, too, and I am quite excited. I’ve got a huge, huge stack of books ready to go and I just plan to read/blog as much as I can in the day. I know I won’t make it the entire 24 hours, but that’s ok. I think it’ll be a fun experiment to see what I can accomplish!

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