Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan

So, every so often there are those books that you just happen to stumble across. And other times, they are all you hear other readers and bloggers talking about. Let me first start by saying “thank you” to all of the awesome readers out there who tweeted about this book on Twitter. You are the reason that I picked it up! This was my first read by Sarah Rees Brennan, and I am so happy to say that I was not disappointed. I worry a lot of times when going off of other reader’s reviews, that it won’t live up to the hype (because, let’s be honest- we all have different thoughts and opinions on books). This was not the case with Unspoken.

Unspoken is a story about a teenager named Kami Glass who has grown up in the English town of Sorry-in-the-Vale. She never seems to fit in. She is just your ordinary teenage girl, working as the head of the school newspaper. Only, she isn’t totally ordinary. For her entire life Kami has heard a voice in her head. And this is precisely what has distanced her from a lot of her ex-friends. Luckily, she was able to find a real friend in Angela, who has a genuine dislike for anyone other than Kami. But Sorry-in-the-Vale, and Kami’s life are both flipped upside down when the Lynburns return to town.

The Lynburns have owned the creepy mansion that overlooks the town for decades. The family that includes the two Lynburn twins, as well as their two sons, disappeared. However, they have now returned to town and a lot of strange things are happening that are causing Kami’s reporter instincts to kick in. There are strange things happening in the woods, and she is trying to piece the events together. And then, the voice that Kami has been hearing for years becomes real. How will she react when she realizes that her imaginary friend is a real boy?

I cannot say enough good things about this story. Let’s start with the characters. I read. A lot. And it seems like more often than not the female characters in stories are just not strong, not intelligent, not substantial enough. Kami Glass was an amazing character. She was intelligent, strong, witty, independent, stubborn, and flawed… she was fantastic. I wish there were more characters like her out there. I loved the depth that there was, not only to Kami’s character, but the whole cast of characters as well.

The descriptions and the details were spot on. I could really envision the mansion, and the school, and different landmarks around Sorry-in-the-Vale. Spot. On.  And I loved that as soon as I thought I had everything figured out, BAM. There was another twist or turn and I was left speechless. If you want to read a book that has amazing characters, suspense, mystery, and something just rather unique about it… pick up this book!

My Rating: 5 stars

P.S. Sarah Rees Brennan cannot publish Untold, book #2 in the Lynburn Legacy fast enough!


4 thoughts on “Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan

  1. A million agreements! I was actually upset at the end of the book (well, you saw me on Twitter…) but now I’m just super pumped for Untold! Unspoken has shot to the top of my Books To Buy list, which is quite an achievement 🙂

    • I did see how you reacted on Twitter, but my reaction was the same! I needed a day to calm down and mull over it before I was able to write my review. I have it on my kindle, but I really wanted the hardcover… but Barnes & Noble didn’t have it. SO. Guess what I’m ordering on Amazon now? 😉

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