Booktuber Tuesday (1)

So, as I have been reading more and more book blogs, I have also discovered this really great world on Youtube for the book lovers out there. They are booktubers, who basically post vlogs with book hauls, bookshelf tours, book reviews, and so much more.

I am going to share an awesome booktuber with you today. Her name is Priscilla and her channel is called The Readables. I just find her videos to be so refreshing. She is very well spoken, and I like that her interests in literature aren’t just in young adult books (even though I LOVE them). She also talks about classics, which brings me back to how much I used to enjoy reading them. So, I’m going to try to sneak at least one classic or modern classic in per month. Without further ado, here’s the video of her September Book Haul:

And here’s one other vlog of hers, entitled “Oh Yeah”, about the Book Community… she has lots of great videos to check out!

Until next time!


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